No.396 Russia


Aug 10 from Saint Petersburg

The Peter and Paul Fortress is the first building of Saint Petersburg. I didn’t know it and I’ve been there!

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No. 395 UK


Aug 10 from Beth of England

Beth is a teacher who enjoys traveling and reading. and she cross-stitches and crochet.

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No.394 Malaysia

DSC_8950 DSC_8951

Aug 10 from Freya of Penang

Designed by British architect A.C. Norman, Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur features a 41-metre clock tower with a copper dome.

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No.393 China

DSC_8952 DSC_8953

Aug 1 from Shanghai

I love the stamp! It’s an illustration of a Chinese novel “Dream of the Red Chamber” (紅樓夢), also translated as “The Story of the Stone.”  It was written in 18th century (Qing Dynasty) and it was one of the most famous classical Chinese novels. I have an uncle who is a big fan of the book and Redology. When I went to college he bought me a collection of audiobooks which discuss this novel chapter by chapter. The whole collection contains 160 CDs. It took me about two years to go through every disc! So yeah you can say this novel has a significant place in my heart. and a lot of space in my bookshelf.

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No.392 Indonesia

DSC_8954 DSC_8955

Aug 1 from Juned

Juned is from Bogor, about 60 km south of Jakarta. Candi Muara Jambi is an old Buddihist temple in Sumatra, a heritage of the Srivijaya Empire.

Candi means temple.

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No.391 Taiwan

DSC_8958 DSC_8959July 30 from Mr. Sun of Changhwa

The Buddha statue in Changhwa. It is 23 meters tall.

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No.390 Canada

DSC_8962 DSC_8963

July 30 from Michele of Montreal

Very nice stamps!

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