No.377 Russia

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No.376 China

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Feb 24 from Anyang, Henan

Scent of a woman (1992)


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No.375 Ukraine

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from Natalia of Kyiv

This portrait was painted by Taras Shevchenko (1814-1861) who is a famous Ukrainian artist and poet. Natalia studies in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, you see how important he is to Ukrainians! I really admire them for naming an university after an artist. It shows that the Ukraininans have great respect to artists.

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No.374 The Netherlands


Lineke lives in a small Dutch village with her husband Martin. The population is only 450 people. There is a farmer in the village who grows tulips. There will be large fields of colorful tulips just outside their windows in a few months!

Sounds really wonderful. Let’s go to the Netherlands!


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No.373 Canada

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Feb 3 from Pua of Waterloo, Canada

It is Sheep year! I know there is a debate of whether it should be Goat or Sheep. Just pick what you like it’s both okay. But I don’t like people calling them “Chinese zodiac signs” because they have nothing to do with the western zodiac signs. It is a way to record the years not months. In English there is the concept of a “decade” which means ten years, in Chinese there is a “lun(輪)” for 12 years. So when a “shenxiao”(so-called Chinese zodiac) repeats, it means another 12 years has passed.

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No.372 Taiwan


Feb 24 from Zhen-Yi

This is “Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village”. It is a theme park located in central Taiwan. There are amusement facilities as well as exhibitions of aboriginal tribe cultures, including stone houses, clothes, traditional dancing, etc.

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No.371 Taiwan


Feb 25 from Meer

Meer bought this postcard in her trip to Shaanxi, China. Xian (the capital city of Shaanxi) is famous for the Terracotta Army. Meer told me that she’s been to China many times yet every trip brought her new surprises because China is just so big. Every province is so different. She encouraged me to go to China some time. I haven’t got the chance yet.

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