No.382 Germany

DSC_8803 DSC_8805

March 15 from Michaela

According to the sticker in the corner, this is from “Internationales Postcrossing Meeting” in February, 2015. Michaela didn’t give me further information. I guess those signatures and stickers and stamps are the participants’ postcrossing accounts. I’ve never been to this kind of events (I’ve been to a masking tapes swapping event, where people share their masking tapes and show their artwork using masking tapes. I guess it’s similiar?) It looks interesting.

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No.381 Finland

DSC_8798 DSC_8799

March 16 from Pirkko of Kouvola

Cute kitten!

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No.380 Germany

DSC_8801 DSC_8802

March 15 from Markus

Usually I don’t post what people wrote to me in the postcards I received. Sometimes people wrote personal things, they don’t want it to be read by random people on the internet, and people have different definitions when it comes to what count as “personal things”. So usually I just summed it up instead of typing every sentence. But everything has an exception. Markus gave a lot of information of Würzburg I think it’s worth sharing. So, here it is!

Hello Nolanda,

Lots of greetings from my hometown, Würzburg. Würzburg is a wonderful town in Germany on the Main River. We have a university, the Marienburg castle, a cathedral, lots of churches and the Würzburg Residence which is a UNESCO cultural heritage. Würzburg is a student town with lots of bars. Every year we host the largest African Festival in Europe. Würzburg is well known for its wines, grown in the area and bottled in special bottles (Bocksbeutel). Peolple can try these at the many wine festivals in the summertime, which also offer a wide range of traditional dishes. I wish you all the best, and many interesting postcards from the whole world.


So I looked up the International African Festival in Würzburg. It looks fun.

Here’s the official homepage of the festival in English. It starts from June 4th to June 7th.


The Bocksbeutel is a type of wine bottle with the form of a flattened ellipsoid. It is commonly used for wines from Franconiain Germany, but is also used for some Portuguese wines, in particular rosés, where the bottle is called cantil, and in rare cases for Italian wine (in this case called pulcianella) and Greek wine. (wiki)


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No.379 Finland

DSC_8796 DSC_8797

March 16

it says “Greetings” on the card.

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No.378 Belarus

DSC_8794 DSC_8795

from Veronica

Love the stamps! Beautiful coloring!



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No.377 Russia

DSC_0268 DSC_0269



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No.376 China

DSC_0262 DSC_0263

Feb 24 from Anyang, Henan

Scent of a woman (1992)


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