No. 403 Czech


Dec 9 2015 from Mili of Prague

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No. 402 Greece

DSC_9058 DSC_9059

Maria-Christina is a high school student who likes reading mystery books. She lives in Santorini, a very beautiful island for summer vacations. She sent me some beautiful used stamps and made my day 🙂

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No.401 USA


Dec 8 from Kathryn

This is the American lion, called a Cougar.

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No.400 USA



Dec 8 from Gabby


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No.399 Taiwan

DSC_9052 DSC_9053


Dec 8 from Ariel Jian

I never expect to get a FUNTAIWAN postcard. I mean why do you wanna send this to a fellow Taiwanese? The stamp is nice though. I want the whole set!

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Sep 17 from June

This is a fan-made postcard of a character from a Japanese computer game June is playing.



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No. 398 Ukraine


Aug 10 2015 from Marina

love this card. all the colors!


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